“Our ethical, ecological and responsible vision enables the development of a virtuous learning process together with a constant economic, social and environmental improvement of the territory in which we operate”. Our Code of Ethics and Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy, it embraces the people that comprise it, from research to production, but also the selection of our suppliers and partners.
The principles of sustainability and of protecting the environment are integrated right from the collection’s study and design phase. Raw materials from sustainable or recycled sources and manufacturing cycles which aim to minimise company pollution have always been a part of our Group.
Aware of the environmental impact caused by the use of chemical products in our production cycles, we are constantly committed to minimising their release in the environment by using the best technology available on the market. Our manufacturing plant of Montemurlo (Prato, Italy), already ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified, has always been at the forefront for recovery of the products used during processing cycles. Moreover, all our coated articles are free from PVC, PFC, phthalates and heavy metals.
The concept of “sustainable supply chain” is an integral part of our philosophy, in order to try to ensure that our development and that of the community in which we operate should increasingly be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.