The Lineaessegroup was born in the heart of the textile district of Prato in 1976. A journey lasting more than 40 years inside a district from which we have drawn skills and tradition, but one whose growth we have also contributed to, reinventing ourselves and constantly investing in research and innovation. Strongly rooted in the territory, but widely recognised at an international level, we move in concert with the market generating an actual “laboratory for experimentation”. In fact, our manufacturing activities have always been based on innovation and research.
INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Creativity, research for new materials, technological progress and trust in the new generations are the leitmotiv linking the almost 50 years’ history of our Group. During the 70s, flocked and coated fabrics projected us into an international dimension, until we became a worldwide leader. During the 2000s, the constant investment in research and the continuous experiments in innovative materials and revolutionary manufacturing methods ensured we were unique on the international scene.
MANUFACTURE Our current manufacturing structure, located in two facilities, has a dual soul:
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: whose services are specialised in creating an exclusive product, with customised finishes, colours and designs for our customers.
  • INDUSTRIALISED: by managing samples and productions which fully comply with the highest quality standards of the industry. Constantly true to the Made in Italy, principle, the manufacture and production phases for coated and laminated articles are also available to third parties.
COLLECTIONS LINEAESSE, LDS, GLARE are our three different product lines which intermingle to create endless variations appreciated by the most important international brands, by couturiers and by designers who can give shape to their creativity and experiment with innovative finishes and materials.